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Dark city chat

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Dark city chat

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Notably, it has found approval with critics who dislike both science-fiction movies and Keanu Reeves the star of the film. Among young viewers, it has already achieved a cult-like status as observed in chat rooms and message chat hamburg lesbianas latinas on the internet. What lies behind the appeal of this film?

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Also we of course talk the usual video games and PC Engine stuff.

OMG so much excite! Check out the crazy old web in all it's glory and old de!

Will I ever update and fix it? Only time will tell!

I thought about updating and reviving it. But having sold off my collection and moving to Japan I was busy doing other things.

I chose to keep the s up for old times all these years. That year added the "Gate of Thunder - Remastered" website citu free download to the site. The Dark City Facebook s were created in as well, to extend and replace the s.

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My thesis is that "The Matrix" reflects current American society through not only its slick violence-as-entertainment but also though its use of religious themes, especially the modern religion of "self-determination" and "mind-over-matter", and its use in opposition to the hidden conspiracy that is keeping us slaves without our knowledge.

In modern American society there has been a large scale rejection of traditional religion.

But there is an undeniable desire for some sort of religious orientation in our lives, or at least some sense of the sacred. We can clearly see this gap being filled, be it with "New Age" type philosophies, science-as-religion, or interest in exotic e. Buddhist or ancient e.

In particular, there has developed a particular American religion of selfish-willpower: a variety of lecturers and authors have a large paying audience of Americans sex chat usa to hear how they can fashion their lives and their worlds esp. Scientology, Depak Chopra, etc.

This absence of faith also freaky chat reflected in a common sense of emptiness found in our affluent consumer society. This sense of "something-is-wrong", combined with a general skepticism brought on by being constantly lied to by those in power i.

Dark city confessions: a noircast

If you are some sort of perverted nerd then you will most likely feel right at home. Discord Chat Oh dear, what has happened.

There is a damn chat room. Which means, we post naughty pictures.

The dark city forum, wiki & chat rules [updated] - please read

Because the format allows us to. We are a bit hentai and aren't afraid to hide it. If you are into that sort of thing then dakr.

Also we of course talk the usual video games and PC Engine stuff. OMG so much excite! Lesiban chat out the crazy old web in all it's glory and old de!