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Alright, Hey Fam.

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Women and we were talking about Oh Keisha. You're like the best person to be on this live because I know you don't like labels and boxes and all single american woman stuff. So I'm glad to see you so yeah so a couple it was maybe a couple of weeks ago. I went to an event in Baltimore and I was talking to one of my friends and you know she dates masculine women and I've talked to her about someone.

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I wanted to connect a friend with and I said, Oh, you know my friend is is feminine and I she really likes feminine women right and She was like Ooh and it wasn't the first time this particular person said that she was kinda like Oh like it was unusual like you know, Okay. So, Alexis says she knows a lot of thumbs that date other families, but she horny housewife chat at indianapolis what you're saying.

I don't know a lot of of women who are fans who date other fans. It's kind of cgat and I think the reason why that doesn't happen is a couple of reasons. One of them is in group pressure right but. Those of us in the bear chat rooms for adults community who have a tendency to shun people or talk about people. We have certain expectations right that you have to look and dress a certain way in order to attract the kind of woman that you wanna attract, which is crazy right and then you know.

If you're masculine, you did it. Women That's a problem wannna your family didn't know that's a problem.

I wanna go

It's your short and you didn't told me it's a problem like people are always gonna have something to fmemes, but the family for Fam thing is just always interesting to me just simply because I do not understand it. They can't get any play. They get zero zero play texting everyday but no date they're not masculine and I would love. To talk a little bit about that, hey Monnie Shiny says she thought mask and lemon were played out.

You funny girl. Hey Alicia, she says she sees it a lot sexy fans love other sexy thumbs. I haven't seen it and there is no like poll that comes out, but that's one of the things I hear from my clients or from I see wny of the conversations on Facebook people that I know where people are literally like look. I only like a certain kind of woman and you know if you're not mad.

Enough, if you're not like you know a little bit. They basically shut you down. Alright, but I think a lot like I said again, this is pressure from other fans. Fans are the ones who are like. I'm not even gay chat nyc get to the point where masculine masculine women don't date them.

Fans are the ones who are like I only date other. I only did masculine women period any femmes wanna chat so it's a little bit more difficult and they'll say it they'll post it in their dating profiles. They'll say it on Facebook and you know. Other social platforms on IG whatever chaat you look at all those platforms very rarely do you see a feminine women who love them and women and here's the thing.

Any femmes wanna chat

It's fascinating to me because people look at you like you're weird and that's one of the reasons why I think sometimes society is a little confused because we tend to reinforce the heteronormative stereotype and so like when you use you know I just like I said we tend to. Force and that's why they say things like well. Why would you date a woman who looks like a man when you're a chat mx I'm not condoning that I'm just saying that explains a little bit of why some of that confusion happens because very rarely do you see Fem women with other family is important or something like that but write message me grab so, Kim said she totally agrees.

Hey, Nina Shell says fact that's crazy. Grassy and I don't know if I'm pronouncing your name right girl. I'm so sorry, she said. I only have family.

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Friends that the other family women not because I'm discriminating it just happened that way. Yeah, Easy said she doesn't know any feminine them couples. I don't either so Kim says what a switch I was told I dressed too masculine. I college hard chat free a girlfriend who wanted me to wanba more feminine agree. I don't like labels either. Hey, DC, let's see so Grasso says it's rare that I must have a rare set of them. It's definitely where I don't see this happening a lot trust and believe I don't see that a lot and just the conversations like I said a lot of women who are feminine, who like other feminine women very wanma are they connecting with other women who you know something and what I hear.

Competition Sometimes they wanna be the prettiest one or they any femmes wanna chat get all the attention or they don't wanna be with a partner who takes forever to get ready, which is crazy because it okay, I do take a while to get ready. But I don't I don't see that as a reason to not date someone Hey Kai. Oh, I need to call you Hey Wassup Amelia says. That's what I'm attracted to, but it's not about dressing is how the person acts too, and I'm not saying it's just about dress.

Swag or whatever like if you're wearing heels, there wanna no way that you're gonna walk you know I mean I once dated this woman who was feminine appearance, but I always thought she had like she lakeland sex room like a dude and I was teased her about it.

Jessica says it happens a lot in corporate America. Hey, Yolanda.

Hey Gabriel. So I just I'm gonna make a short night. I just wanted to point that out. It's about costuming. If you don't like somebody for who they are if you're gonna pressure them for who they are. Then it's not going to be free sex text dearborn heights long-lasting connected relationship and that's one of the things I've learned about my many years of dating women and also some of the things that I work with women on who I coach.

So for those of cat who may not know, I am a love and dating coach and I am accepting new clients. If you're interested if you're 30, - five and up and you're interested in working with me, then go ahead and and book a session with me. It's free just for us to A sense of you know what it just to go ahead and get a fejmes of you know what your struggles are and what are the things I can do to help you improve your dating and made especially if you're looking strapon chat you're ready to actually settle down tantric message have a relationship.

There are some things that you do nay than you would do if you're just dating randomly out there. You can book a free session with me at Black Lesbian Love Lab dot com backslash a pie that's Love Lab dot com backslash apply Now I femmss somebody says, Can you talk any femmes wanna chat wanha Let free sex text go see I must have missed a comment. Let me go back and see what that's about. I understand that no one is this not about the studs tonight.

Y'all Let me just say that this is this is not stud hour. So I'm not gonna get started on that and I'm not. I'm not minimizing chag it caused what it what it means to be a stud. I'm just saying. That for we're talking about fans and I'm just saying that that for fans, it's a little bit harder chay date when they like other fans. Alright so studs this is not your hour to get on and and start dictating the direction of the conversation. Alright we we have when we show you lots of love.

Alright so another thing I wanna say is this is not unusual. I mean I hear this from women all the time wabna even this, you know one of the women in my group today, said a couple free dirty chat with girls them said. I felt like I had to dress more masculine in order to attract a woman. What's this one woman said. Any femmes wanna chat, I got more attention chat kostenlos I started dressing more and dragging us and the same women who told me no before when I was more feminine dressed told me you know, Oh yes.

My thought is this y'all oh femjes. I think I pin the wrong. Post My thought is this regardless be who you are because long and short of it that that relationship cannot last. If you are not who you are okay, someone doesn't fhat you for who you are.

It's not gonna work period. That's her life. So Takia says this is so interesting. I've struggled in dating within the black lesbian community because I won't choose a label verbally fejmes physically my parents, you will get a different. Look and appearance anny I wish and my swag doesn't stumble. I'm not sure I still think most of boring from the heterosexual normative. I'm not here to play head or sexual House. I'm grateful to have found someone who applauses and find my whole self sexy.

Yes, ma' am and I think I shared your one on one chat room on the blog a couple of weeks ago, Maybe you gay chat room live have been a month ago. Show Vemmes says, is this a declaration of war. It's not a declaration of war. We're just anny about differences and what some of the challenges are that someone has like.

I just feel like you know we've been we talked about masculine women a lot and some of the struggles that you face, which is wonderful. We should do that. I think everyone who's a part of our community should have time and space in order to share their stories like I'm still looking for women who are who fans asian uk chat date other friends to share their stories my group chat hot girls pauls valley it's been challenging.

Like literally challenging to find feminine women who did other family women, I've been looking. It's not like Femmess haven't been looking it's unusual but now I think about it. I think I do know a couple others that I'm gonna reach out to and I've actually seen this when I was younger. I remember going to visit my my partner's friend and she didn't even recognize the girl because the girl any femmes wanna chat she was any femmes wanna chat basically changed her entire look up.

She liked this woman, but she didn't like the way she dressed and from. It's different. Oh this girlfriend of mine. I I mean I've nay women who they don't have a great sense of style and some people could say maybe I don't have a great sense of style, but I disagree and you may wanna give your partner a little bit of help and say hey, you know, ajy where this more because it will be more flattering.

She cut her hair. It's just like the whole. I guess that look too feminine, femmees know she was like, wear baggy clothes and dress more masculine. That wasn't her. If chta don't like the person for who they are, then let them go and I'm not saying you know that.

Land of talk makes boldest statement yet with indistinct conversations

Back clothes are the only things that make you different. It's a big part, but when you take the clothes off, it's all the same. That's what you all keep saying right, the ones who tell you know the ones that I hear this all the time people say well when you take the clothes off, it's all the same. Don't change your your style don't change who you are because part of who you are could be you know, nails and hair and makeup group chat funny names heels.

Some femmee feel really good. I've spoken to masculine women who've said. Maybe just really don't care about what wwnna people think about you and it kinda makes things a little easier, but yeah come out. Chat rooms for woman good, we have. Um now since you said, you are to the we're gonna go this way. With you, but you lose that do you feel the experience of coming out wahna different for trans and gender forming quote that it is for gay people.

Yes, the uh the coming out experience is different. The fact we have to explain so much more um even though the Alphabet has been around for so long, uh what Alphabet are you talking about the L the G the B, the Q, the T the IQ all those things um and just to. Things knowing like an umbrella term, so even when you think about gender queer gender, fluid and that's also gender any femmes wanna chat conforming a gender not buying hair.

Than to align yourself with who you feel like fully internally is what you wanna showcase outside, We chat model a non-binary individual I feel about spirits I try to show both spirits when the outside um I really don't wanna be put in a box of you have to be masculine or you have to be feminine. Uh I know he was born from male and female energy, and I accept that I come from a strong mother and a strong father and I like to represent him.

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I guess present for both and the fact that I did lose my dad um like my doctor says she thinks that. The reason why I choose to hold on to some of my things I'm traits cjat not looking to fully transition, but I have a face down on some body modifications. I just don't want moves so I'm more feminine visible but how I any femmes wanna chat a business? How I uh I know a lot of things I try to still handle it in my uh I guess aggressive masculine traits and cjat and stuff or whatever because I am my chat with military men. As far as I don't have a fall back plan, I put the fan for myself and fight for myself.

That's all I mean, and you know it's just a different frmmes. It's it is a different experience because I had to come out this game and then I any femmes wanna chat to come out as a drag queen and then I had to come out um with being binary and stuff like that. So I mean it created three different experiences, but I had to explain the walks. Each one to everyone together and still to this day, I have to explain who I am because people just want to say where your friends and I'm like if that's how you feel.

That's how you feel. There's no disrespect to me um because I support and I respect the whole community. I know what I do and how I wannz it stands for a lot, but Best place to chat know Earl thousands when I started going back, not many people was as embracing that femininity. You know you gotta you gotta do this.

I'm just glad to see the growth and maturity and to see that we are in an era where people can't just accept who they are. Hopefully more man will start accepting that they're a little huntsville pussy chat more ant or more fluid rye beach new hampshire chat pussy fucking they expected. Try to portray So that's why I do what I do. Thank you. Holly Do you feel the experience of coming out is different for trans and gender non conforming people better free broken arrow chat line gay folks.

Yeah, I think it's I don't think it's like completely different because I. You know when I came out to my demmes is wana, they okay. That's fine as long as you're not that you know, I feel like a lot of parents say that um so it's totally different because then the next thing that like it's way worse, you know what I mean. I think everybody's experiences are different but Aanna definitely think you know.

That gave me a story and the trend coming up. Why do you think people are cgat

Well, like if you come out edc sunday kieler wisconsin porno chat gay like why is that? What is it Besides coming out of training? I think like it's more socially acceptable. I think any femmes wanna chat are more willing to accept gay people than they are trans people. Um I mean I think we've came a long way, but I don't I think we have stranger chats ways to go away.

How about you miss Darling? Do you feel the experience of wann out different for trades and general conforming folks that gay folks I definitely think there's a difference um. I I feel like it all based on who you decide to share such information with and based off of who you decide to share it with their response is gonna basically dictate how you have like virus and I hope that make sense so I think that disabled chat city probably the biggest lesson like I've learned with my remmes out story because though I don't feel.

Like I came out I think that my story was more of a sense of. Development to where I have crafted myself to be the woman I am today and I think ant is where we didn't. I think that it is all about you know you gotta find the people who are gonna lift you up and show you that the devil of encouragement, but chaat also sexting places to realize that who you decide to walk the way you decide to walk in your in your sense of self is how you're going to be perceived the day that you're no longer here and I feel like that's what we have to remember is that you know our stories are different.

But it's who you are bi male phone chat marathon. That okay. Call me my love. Black You can be experience of coming out is different for trans and gender, non conforming folks, and for gay folks I do because it's really a piggy back. Mikayla says.

They just wanna know if you're a boy or a girl, they want you to keep it simple. Them they don't wanna have to think about it.

They don't wanna hurt their brains so someone like Michaela being like well. I'm a female and male it just I'm it that just makes so like it's just so confusing for some people and they can't wrap their mind around it and instead of just opening up and listening and explaining and understanding they just need the quick answer so when you're coming out as trans, if you're not a fortunate person for the first breaking up over text message years of your transition, you have to tell every femmees person every.

Day we are and it's even worse with I any femmes wanna chat with all of us, all of us are drag queens before you start feeling different or you get work done or whatever you know you are just cchat at as a man on stage and address and it's so it femmse knocks you down every single time like there have been times where Bianca I have been in shows that the people in the audience don't tip Trans queens cuz they don't think that's a drag queen.

It is so much more difficult to explain day who and what you are when you're gay. You could just japan chatting some gay guy wanja in a subway, but if I'm a trans girl sitting in the subway, don't know yeah and it's like in their face and cbat, it's just too confusing and they can't it's just or for some reason you sitting there doing what you're doing waanna gonna upset wannz right like that is where the issue of being.

Ends up being a problem because why does that? None of that bothers me. None of that would make any femmes wanna chat be reactionary to like aggressive femmed yell at you or make you feel like you know dirt but like just my existence if I'm not passing completely know if 99 chat room have local single chat little stubble on my face or if I be on.

Or whatever it's just like I have to make sure that I'm safe going to video chat for men car because people's reactions don't just go verbal. They go violent. I think it's even the same thing like when we go, you know when we go to just to watch a show um and then we have people come up femmees us like oh, are you in the show tonight and you're like Yeah.

I'm just saying. The assumption that if you are right and you're in it at all the time like you can't live. Looking for a free chat girl, it's just like that's called out to see if I'm in the shower or not because most like I'm not in the show. Okay, I don't have people. I'm glad to give you the show I'm so exactly Sabrina Foster commented.

And she says it's a difference only because some people don't wanna learn what they don't understand. With most of society, they think are not buying people are just uh huh well because aby like on on another end of that, it's there are so many people in the community in the generation right above us that they don't want to be reminded every single time they're getting someone's wrong cuz they get mad at themselves Free sex chat avila beach get so like people's reactions usually get aggressive dhat if you have to correct someone Oh, that's they have.

That's not cheaper people femme like even queer people in the any femmes wanna chat, but they'll be like don't correct me like I don't you know what Sex chatroulettfree sexchat in morote mean. No, I don't know what you mean they would appreciate. I mean, so just say it and there's just so many people who still just cannot jump on board with that, like they don't like being corrected they don't like, saying gemmes people's names you naughty chat room corowa, Holly just changed her name from what it used to be and it's like when people slip up, they need to always be.

Oh, I apologize. That's my bad. Oh you know. Oh, you know, I know what wamna name is right say it. It's like you have to you have to match my energy. If it's my name. It's my name. It's a Hollywood wire I would. It's gonna be our one of our last question cgat we open it up for question and answer uh do you feel since you have came out? Me yeah. I was with my free chat line new homestead for a year before I came out we were we've been anj for that whole year and then um uk chat sex got married shortly talk to people in japan my coming out and we xxx chat rooms posts free have a very open polyamorous.

I knew I can recall when I was in like high school and college thinking that like people that have multiple partners didn't work right and I'm I will tell you I will tell everybody having one partner for me does not work who that person he wasn't correct. Like it's just it's so it's so just when you it's just when you take chat with randoms one little thing out and you just admit femnes little thing to fmmes all these other things start showing themselves to your spirit that you didn't know were there and it's just like you can just breathe.

Love to the body and there's like you can have freedom and you can have freedom in anything you could do whatever you wanna do just be smart. Be safe. Be how about you do you feel free femmse coming out? It's weird for me, any femmes wanna chat it's weird for me since coming out to cemmes I don't I will okay. I will say this, I feel more free now that I've been able to successfully complete a transition cyat I've always wanted to do since I was I think that have allowed me to for free but also.

Within the femmea context, there are still many ayn lessons to learn now that I have successfully completed set transition because you have to learn about a new body and there are obstacles and there are bourbons there are joys and their heartaches. When it comes to learning about a new body, so I feel that the fulfillment wannw reaching my level of potential is more feel like free than tandom chat like I have to tell people who I am right so it's an internal thing.

Do you feel more clear since when you consider yourself for sure. For sure, That's it. I just gotta do like whatever I want you know that's it for me snap sext for free I said All of us chqt here is totally different. I like being extra and I can just do that like I wanna wear summer and go to the grocery store and get a good.

But uh I'm gonna have like nails that are like the like. I just I just feel like I can chat rooms qld whatever I want live. I like to live behind the femmfs. It's kind of my thing. I love to live a different fantasy like me I kinda figure out. Everyone okay, She better be fast as I go live whatever fantasy whatever fantasy I want you in reality, Yeah and I gonna make it like reality like satan chat know what I mean like Hollywood West is everyone.

Been able to be I guess more transparent out public open about it and you don't feel like you're hiding anything from anybody. That's where I feel like the um there's no stress or weight on my back because there's things that have happened in my life to where some people will feel you know devastated bad. I feel like life is over, but for me it ant um a change that caused me to see life and totally different value.

My slogan is every negative can be every negative can be turned to a positive and every positive can turn into a greater positive so be accepting all of my freedoms. Not give two ask about it. But anybody say anybody um I'm thirty-four, I take care of myself. I wajna do whatever I want and have these two and I'm not here to listen to what somebody aby I should do how I should do it when I should do it because it's my freedom.

It's my life and I'm gonna live it how I desire and how my peace and my happiness once life for me to build it and feel like just enjoying yourself. Oh, we got yeah. We have a question. Oh yes I do I feel for since coming into myself. Of course, there fe,mes a freedom that comes along coming out like you said you just feel like you have endless possibilities once you understand what's going on with yourself. So that's where Free chat xxx without egan south dakota at alright.

And you are not comfortable so always remember that fenmes out when you're ready and if you don't want to stay in that closet and we'll wish you the best on something with us. Yes if you meet someone who showed like if the person that you meet that you see that first person who shows you like what life could be do yourself a favor. I would do this to my sons. I went to I went to college with Michaela Denise.

Support the femmpire

We went to together and every Friday they would come to school in like a week and like as female and no one in our class out of cosmetology school. No one knew how to act. No one knew how to talk to her and I was literally was the first time in my entire men and I strict awful life that I've ever seen somebody living not even to the fullest to at that time living at all. And it was like seeing and meeting Michaela in college changed the course of my entire life, like just being around you going to school with you and just how much just how.

How much and who you were and like how you were and you just did not give just any apps about anybody's negativity and it literally changed the course of my 20s. I'm like it led me to drive it led me to becoming transit any femmes wanna chat career and now we're sisters and it's like this is just so incredible for all for all of our sisters sex chat in kearney nebraska al. If you don't feel safe coming out, tell someone who makes cincinnati sexy chat feel safe and just ask them for help cuz they can help.

Femmee if you don't have someone who makes you feel safe or text us. Talk to somebody who you inspire to become fdmmes I know for me and my growing in transitioning process, I online chat rooms teens Bianca Asha and to really talk to and understand what it meant to be in this area in public and so I know for me, they were very helpful within. Like learning the ropes and things like that, so just if you see somebody who has or of or obtaining what you want to have as a goal don't be afraid to ask that person.

How did you get to that point? What can you or who did you talk to which I think le us into one of our questions now? The one thing I've learned from a queen that I follow on social media. Um I think it's uh yes when it comes to someone being.

Or somebody tell you their identity, It's not about what you feel like they should be or how they should look a trans individual that's not have to wear past. They don't have to get surgeries they don't have to get on hormones. I wanna be respected as trans. That's what you need to respect. What do you plan on doing it? Are you gonna get on her? Are you gonna get to church or get that surgery? So don't force what you feel like somebody's transition to be and we have.

Good questions here one from that granddaughter how you doing. Alright So what is your advice to someone who is trans but might not have the resources available to help with their journey? Well, like said that's when you find someone who you feel comfortable talking to and you ask them all the chay that we're most trans people are femmrs to speak with you.

Um you can come down to mosaic. To twenty-eight on a street here in the campus area open Wanja, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9 any femmes wanna chat alright, and we can get you set up to where you can get your hormone replacement. We can chat pepole you efmmes up with all of those fdmmes as well adult hook search erotik chat get H and C testing um you can reach out to trans Ohio.

I would say the biggest resource I've qanna able to pick up was w requirements. If you are somebody who maybe lives like in a small town in Ohio, you contact any trans person that you can like just ask and they can hook you up like we can hook you up with horny married moms at bayou room we come coming to Doc.

We literally all show the same doctor, but that is how amazing this human being is we basically all. Like it's a very especially with being trans and non-binary, it's it isn't the tightest like what Bianca said earlier. We're gonna take. A couple of minutes okay, free sex chat in feesburg ohio have one more question from sir um please support his music.

How do you? Um I will ask if I I'm. I'm always I'm always date. To be placed in a fetish five category um I feel that in that type of situation, let me go. In that type chatt situation, you have you as a person have to understand what your limitations are. Is it live so you just gotta make sure what your limits are and know that if you are out of alignment and they're not understanding that money that you have to share that limit with them or if ffmmes not gonna understand what your limits are and once you are able to come to a compromise on those limitations, then that is how you and your ificant other are going to be able to grow forward and become a better eye expectations is the one thing you need to avoid and any femmes wanna chat we love.

Our love will come find you. Yes, it is a little more difficult cuz I seen a woman and it is hard trying to find people to cuz you can't let everybody in because some people wanna take advantage because they think that you just gonna be an easy target and you'll know things like that, too like I like to dress up for them or doing makeup or referring to is like a drag name.

Just they're there are wanma lot of like very obvious red flags when dating and starting to see someone when you are. Manhunt chat you know non binary, but it's it's usually pretty quick. So there's no miscommunication cuz if that's not what they're looking for there are other websites they can go to and let them know where you're growing exactly like that.

It's not male or female and you you explain that to them so they understand so there's no, you know you know they're just things assumptions are the worst thing and they all think that it occurred. any femmes wanna chat

Ask lucy: i’m a girl & i need some femme friends.

Yeah, I want to personally thank each and everyone of you. I hope you enjoy we will be doing this again and if you have any questions or any topics that you want thai chat room to talk about, please feel free, you can any of us because I'm sure we'll all turn.

Back and we may have some more special guest. I have reached out to a couple girls out there was supposed to be here with us. You know who you are your granddaughter, Please thank you for tuning tell a friend if you have support everyone love everybody. On the next for you and we love you. This was amazing.